11 Pro Money-Saving Tips on travel to Africa from UK | Reliance Travels

11 Pro Money-Saving Tips on travel to Africa from UK | Reliance Travels

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The first-rate medication to cure boredom is travelling. However, before you book a vacation, look into some cheap flights toAfricathat are appropriate for your financial situation. We lend you some tips and tricks to plan an economise trip to Africa from UK. These tips include each little thing from booking hacks to hotel room upgrades to dinning like an emperor for pennies on the dollars- both things you can do before you leave and things to consider once you arrive.

Pick Your Travel Time Wisely

If your vacation dates allow, you should opt for off-season because each facility from lodging to even meals all will be at exorbitant prices during the holidays and peak seasons. Avoid Christmas, Easter, NewYear Eves and even during school holidays to get rid of unnecessary usage of funds. In case of planning your trip to a southern hemisphere country like South Africa, keep in mind that there are two ‘’summer’’ seasons to consider: July/August, when visitors from North America and Europe are on holidays and December/January when the South African summer is in full swing.
It’s not only about picking the ideal month to travel when it comes to picking your dates. It’s also about deciding on the perfect weekday. Long-haul flights cost an average of 20% less than flights departing on one day and returning on the next.Before you book, count on cheap flights to Africa from UK on your desired dates and you’ll be astonished at how much a day or two can affect the whole price.

Don’t forget to visit less trendy sites

It’s fruitful to book your flights on your own rather than paying to a travel agent.Before reservationalways goes for a flight comparison tool, this will look at all the airlines and provide you the best cheap flight deals for Africa.Another way to save money is to check for less popular sites because they may feature something that appeals to your travel preferences but is normally overlook by the greatest ones.
Most websites let you set a price alert to check weather flights become cheaper over time, and some even let you search with adjustable dates to discover when the most cost-effective time to fly is. Subscribing to newsletters is a good way to keep updated.

Rent a condo instead of lodging

While we appreciate the nice services provided by hotels, they can be costly at times, particularly when travelling in a group or for a longer duration. Renting a condo or sharing an apartment at that time would be a wise move that will help you save money further providing you some extra room and facilities. It’s best to plan ahead of time to guarantee you have the greatest possible experience; for this, you can use the service of Airbnb rentals, specifically those with the highest reviews. Another alternative is to use the service of a home sitter; by offering the service of house sitting for someone’s pet, you can receive your housing for free.

It’s fun to walk around and explore

There is no better way to know a new city than to stroll around it. It’s a pleasant plus that you will wind up saving a lot of money on cabs. When you need a ride, choose public transportation and remember that frequent travelling cards are significantly more cost-effective than single rates. Taxis, tuktuks, mopeds and minibus to name a few mode of transportation in Africa. You can presumably travel on anything if it has wheels and appears to be capable of travelling some distance.
For the record, we recommend walking to the top, but if you need transportation, we recommend taking a minibus since we heartily encourage putting up with the uncomfortable seats and crowded surroundings in exchange for a glimpse into the lives of the inhabitants!

Less is more when it’s come to purchasing

Going on a trip and resisting the urge to shop is akin to biting a bullet. We don’t recommend going crazy with your shopping,but you can save money by skipping supermarkets, shopping malls and emporiums in favour of local goods from the market closest to your accommodation. For basic food products, try a local market or use local grocery apps for home delivery, as both will present you with some unexpected discounts. Furthermore, to avoid making unneeded purchases and wasting money, haggling is essential.

When in Rome, Eat like Romans

Not only are local dishes less expensive than international cuisine, but they are also usually more delicious. When you eat western food (pizza, burger, etc.) while travelling, it nearly always cost extra because the ingredients aren’t sourced locally. Choose from curry, dumplings or tacos. Plan your big lunch meal rather than dinner. Many restaurants provide lunch menus that are comparable to their supper menus for a fraction of price; before boarding, check the best cheap eats in Accra. Multi-course lunch specials, particularly in Europe are common and inexpensive.

Rely on people around you

An important point to remember when travelling on a budget on Africa is to pay attention on what the natives are paying. On public transport and markets, this is especially true. Hold your breath and watch the money being handed over and then the change being returned. In this way you’ll know exactly what the pricing is and how much you should spend. It’s absolutely fine to remain silent and walk away if you are being haggled hard in Africa just as the locals do.

Go digital rather than paying a tour guide

Exploring the African continent is both exciting and challenging, especially if you are a first-time tourist. You may require the services of a personal tour guide to discover exciting things to do in Africa, but this will be costly. Technology has ushered forth a new era. You can download maps, print them out and go to your destination on your own. Having a map in your hand or using a digital map is far more convenient than paying a significant sum to a guide.

Internet isn’t something you should pay for

Small, rentable mobile routers known as ‘pocket WiFi’ are becoming more common worldwide. Typically, you can reserve one and have it brought to your hotel or picked up at the airport. They are inexpensive per day and will save you money on foreign roaming fees, paying for hotel wifi if it isn’t free, and having to buy a coffee every time you want to use a cafe’s Wifi but learn it’s password protected and you can’t steal it from outside.

Grab multi-day coupons

There are free-for- all days at a slew of museums, galleries and other attractions. One must try to get free entrance passes but if that isn't possible, look for multi-day passes or even discountsonseveral tickets for historical placeson local websites. It may not sound exciting, but arranging adventure activities through your accommodation can often save you money, especially if you are staying for an extended period of time. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t browse around. Do this as well, and then return to them if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Are you a Safari Fanatic? Go get your mates

Safaris in Africa aren’t cheap – in fact they’ll probably be one of your greatest expenses – but really, why would you travel Africa and no go one?
Teaming up with others and presenting yourself as a group is a terrific method to get a good safari discount. As a result you will be able to put together a pre-planned tour for the operator, giving you some considerable purchasing power.
Lastly, to minimize any inconvenience or worse, missing your connecting flights, it is best to prepare ahead of time. We recommend that you make all of your reservations at once. Now you have learned about some great money-saving tips for your vacation to Africa, it’s time to book your flight and explore this throbbing suburb. Sign up for the Reliance Travel newsletter to learn about cheap flights to Ghana and adjacent from UK.

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