Top 5 Tourism Attractions in Accra to Visit after COVID 19

Top 5 Tourism Attractions in Accra to Visit after COVID 19

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Before getting into the mesmerizing destination details book your cheap flights to Accra Ghana NOW! Along with your COVID vaccination details you must fill out a health declaration form onlineand you may be enforced to do so again on board before arrival. Accra is a vibrant and exciting place to be with varied spots to visit. The scorching heat, throbbing music, sizzling grills, spick-and-span malls, breaking waves, street hawkers and opulent hotels all combine to produce an unforgettable experience. Here are a few top ranked places to see on your next trip to the city.


Kokrobite beach appears to be a universe away from the activities of the metropolis. It’s the perfect spot to unwind for a couple of days while taking in the sights of this tropical coastline. You can breathe ease on the beach, buy fabrics and stuff from vendors around, enjoy delicious meal and drinks whilst keep an eye out for the brightly coloured fishing boats lining the shores. Checkout My Complete Guide to Having the Best Trip to Ghana Ever for enlisting the exciting things to do on your tour.


In the vicinity of fishing society, Bojo beach is located near the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean. A boat ride across the Densu River is required to reach the beach. On the main land, there is a marvellous resort with a swimming pool. The beach is immaculate and the natural scenery is stunning. Bojo beech is around 30 minutes from the airport or the city centre in Accra. So, you can compare British airways to Ghana prices, book your cheap flights to Accra Ghana and within a minute you’ll be at Bojo Beech ready to loosen up.


Travellers looking for a glimpse into Accra’s colonial history are likely to end up in Jamestown, a heavily inhabited fishing community located west of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue. The British built the towering lighthouse in 1871, and it’s a popular attraction for travellers who come to this part of the city looking for a piece of history. Climb to the top of the iconic lighthouse, and then stroll around the perimeter of Fort James, a former British jail built in the 17th century. In order to gain a thorough understanding of culture, accommodations in Jamestown range from new to old residencies. You can also scrutinize 3 Simples Ways to Get Free Accommodation in Africa before being on board.


It’s the largest and the oldest one, inaugurated on 5th March, 1957. Archaeology, ethnography, and fine art are all represented at the National Museum building. The archaeology area contains artefacts dating from the Stone Age though the recent past. Chief’s regalia, indigenous Ghanaian musical instrument, gold weight, beads and traditional textiles are among the items on perpetual display in the ethnographic gallery. Object from other African countries have also been obtained through trading. Contemporary Ghanaian paintings in oils, pastels, acrylics and watercolours are on display in the modest but remarkable art gallery.


If you are a nature freak, Aburi botanical gardens should be on your bucket list. These gardens which run through the verdant Akwapim hills have large lawns with native and imported trees and flora. A day trip to Aburi gardens is well worth it. The journey up the highlands to Aburi is spectacular on its own, with amazing vistas of Accra. Consequently, a visit to the Aburi botanical gardens can be coupled with a stroll over the surrounding mountain terrain.
Before you embark your journey make sure you are fully vaccinated and up to date on your COVID -19 immunization. Pursue all airlines and destination requirements, including mask wearing, and evidence of vaccination before you pack your bags. Anyone who tests positive upon arrival will be taken to the hospital for additional evaluation. Non-residents isolated in government hospitals have to pay for themselves whereas Ghanaianssecure health benefits offered by their government.
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Keep up with the latest Tech!

Nigeria can keep up with the modern world thanks to many sectors, two seaports, and an international airport. The Lagos Computer Village and Alaba International Market house Africa's largest technology market. So, for those of your tech-savvy individuals out there, Lagos is an excellent location for all of your technological requirements. Not only are the most recent models accessible, but they are also reasonably priced. Along with them, certain difficult-to-find devices are also readily available. This is incentive enough for a computer enthusiast like us to visit Lagos.

Lively Night-Life

Lagos boasts the most exciting nightlife in Nigeria. There are various events and parties to attend, and if you're not into that, you can soak in the bustling ambience and perhaps drink a cold beer at a local pub or nice wine at one of the many luxury venues around. Overall, there is something in Lagos for everyone.

Street Food & Unique Cuisine

Are you a gourmet who enjoys experimenting with new traditional dishes? Then stop by one of these food vendors to satiate your appetite. You won't be able to get these street snacks anywhere else since they are so unique and delicious. Suya, or grilled beef, is the most popular dish, and it can be found in almost every neighbourhood. There are plenty of additional dishes to sample, like Agege bread, which Lagosians say is superior to burgers. Lagos, in general, does not provide bland food. The Lagos food festival honours Nigerian cuisine's uniqueness and is definitely worth a visit to try the numerous unusual and delicious dishes on offer.

Shopping Bliss

Lagos is home to around 21 million people. Because all of these people come from varied economic backgrounds, consumer and industrial products are in high demand. If you want to buy something, trust me when I say you'll be able to get a good bargain. Lagos is the place to go if you want to sell anything. On Lagos' busy network of serpentine lanes, the blend of Arab, African, and European culture and architecture creates a fascinating spectacle. There are various places where you may find fantastic products such as jewellery, clothes, crafts, home décor, and souvenirs for significantly reduced costs. Lagos sandals are well-known and beautiful, thanks to their bead and leather construction.

Terra Kulture

This is essentially a globally recognized art house that houses Nigeria's modern visual and theatre arts. It is one of Nigeria's two auction houses. It houses almost 2,000 works of art from throughout the country. Aside from the art gallery, it also has a café, a crafts shop, a language school, and a library. Annual events, such as an art auction and the Taruwa Festival of Performing Arts, take place mostly in January.
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