Want to celebrate Christmas as a true Kenyan?

Want to celebrate Christmas as a true Kenyan?

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Taking cheap flights to Nairobi to celebrate Christmas may be a true one-of-a-kind and vivid event that you will remember for the rest of your life, as it offers a range of dynamic cultural blending that you have never experienced before. Let us guide you through this valley of festivity and provide some tips on how to make the most of these fortuitous and wonderful holidays in Kenya.Christmas is a blessed event for giving and sharing, especially with those who are less fortunate. Kenyans, on the other hand, have their own traditions for celebrating Christmas, and despite the fact that increased globalisation has altered our perceptions of travel and festivities, the majority of Kenyans still do it the old-fashioned way.
Before booking your cheap flights to Nairobi, Kenya, any travel enthusiast should be aware of Things to Know Before Travelling to Nairobi and about the Christmas celebrations in Kenya. Christmas is a significant festival in Kenya since many Kenyans are Christians. It is a family celebration, as it is in most nations. Many individuals go from the city to their hometowns for the holidays to spend time with their families. It is frequently the only time of year when the entire family gathers. As a result, the highways surrounding large towns such as Nairobi and Mombasa are generally congested, and traffic backups can linger for hours. Cities, on the other hand, frequently appear empty over the holidays.
Churches and homes in cities are frequently decked with bright garlands and balloons, flowers, and green leaves. Also, a Christmas tree should not be overlooked! Cypress trees are traditionally and lavishly adorned for this reason. Artificial snow is frequently seen in front of prominent structures such as shopping malls. Every now and again, you'll see someone dressed as Santa Claus. He does not, however, arrive in a reindeer sleigh as we do, but rather in a camel, an automobile, or even a bicycle. These extremely western practices are unique in rural areas.In the Ballungsgebiete, Christmas is usually celebrated in a western style, although in the ländlichen areas, the many different dialects have retained their own traditions. On Christmas Eve, many devoted Christians attend church around midnight. They sing, read poems, dance, and act out nativity plays there. After the ceremony, the young people really get into it, frequently drinking and dancing till the early hours of the morning. On Christmas morning, there are also church services, so people who haven't danced all night may still commemorate the holiday.
Christmas supper is an essential element of the Kenyan holiday season. Typically, a barbeque is held with friends and neighbours, with meat such as beef, chicken, sheep, or goat served. "NayamaChoma," grilled goat meat, is the most well-known Christmas dish. It is considered the national cuisine of both Kenya and Tanzania and translates to "grilled meat" in Kiswahili. It's typically served with rice and flatbread. For the special occasion, some families even make their own beer. City dwellers generally congregate with friends or family in a pub or restaurant. The "Christmas Carolling" practise, which involves parading around and singing Christmas songs, is also gaining popularity.Groups go from door to house, singing and being rewarded with little amounts of money or candies for their efforts. The majority of the time, the donations go to the church.Let us tell you the astonishing and blissful way to celebrate Christmas as a true Kenyan.

Visiting The Village

Visiting the village, or what millennials refer to as 'Ushago,' or visiting 'Shosh' (come to think of it, has this name replaced the name of every grandparent in Kenya). During this time, there is a mass exodus to country residences, and it is common to see city inhabitants posing and snapping selfies with anything in sight.

Going to Church

On Christmas Day, families will be seen heading to church. Never mind if some people haven't been to church since Christmas. If the grandparents are church elders, rest confident that they will request that the entire family stand for "introduction" and "welcome" the congregation.

Partaking (Special Meals)

Every Kenyan family prepares a particular feast for Christmas, such as chicken and Mbuzichoma. You know it's always the goat that started fattening in January just for this occasion.

Alcohol and A Loud Night Out!

One should visit one of our neighbouring nations during the holiday season, and the solemnity with which they celebrate is incredible. Kenyans, on the other hand, enjoy taking their celebrations to the next level, which explains the raucous night outs. Some people, on the other hand, prefer calmer establishments that play nice music or none at all but still have a bottle/glass of their favourite drink.

Bemoan the Financial Hole

The Christmas spirit is certainly dead, and Christmas has now become commercialised, forcing Kenyans to delve deeper into their budgets to get through the holidays. This, however, leaves many people short of funds in January, and glum expressions may be seen as early as December 31st, when the reality of a new year, duties, and bills sets in.

How Have Kenyan Christmas Customs Changed Over Time?

Christmas in Kenya has also evolved over the years, and it is no longer the same as it was when we were growing up. People rarely send Christmas cards through the post office, for example. Special Christmas diets are also no longer necessary because individuals can afford them on a regular basis. For people who want to give presents, mobile phone money transfer services such as M-Pesa come in useful. Last but not least, there was the transformation brought about by technology. People, for example, do not require professional photographers since they can shoot images with their cell phones, and so on. Despite the various changes, one thing stays constant in Kenya: the Christmas spirit lives on! If you want to learn more about excellent things to do on Christmas or how to get cheap flights to Nairobi all at once, get in touch with Reliance Travels: your doorway to the world's astonishingly affordable flights and jaw-dropping adventures.

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