Few Things to Expect When Traveling to Ghana

Few Things to Expect When Traveling to Ghana

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If you're travel-loving Briton and looking for an adventure and want to travel to West Africa, getting flights to Accra from the UK is the best way to go. Ghana, located on the West African rim and home to a diverse and bustling population, an international community, and a fast-growing economy, is a perfect gateway to the continent.
Ghana, once a hotbed of the West African slave trade, has moved on from its tumultuous history to become one of the continent's loveliest and most stable nations. It makes up for its lack of natural beauty with rich history and appealing joie de vivre – chaotic cities pulsate with colour, smiling inhabitants fling out marriage offers, and life moves to the beats of Afro-jazz.
It's a little step off the plane, but a huge plunge into the unknown after purchasing cheap airline tickets to Accra Ghana. No matter how many studies you do before time, visiting Ghana in person is intense. It can be startling, perplexing, and disorienting, but it can also be joyful, thrilling, and beautiful.
In case you're considering a trip to Ghana for the first time, we trust that our experiences will give you a little knowledge of what to expect.

When You Get in Ghana, the Heat Hits You Hard.

When we arrived from London in January, we felt the heat more than others. As we observed the darkness outside the plane, our bodies braced for chilly, windy, and wet circumstances. That's what we're used to. Stepping into the tunnel between the plane and the airport, on the other hand, was the first hint of things to come. We were struck by a heatwave and were sweating within minutes of leaving the air-conditioned facility.
The daily temperatures are in the mid-eighties, indicating a hot summer. Unlike in the UK, though, the rainy season humidity in Ghana can make it seem like it's in the upper 90s. You should change into weather-appropriate clothes as soon as possible.

Slow down, There's no Rush in Ghana for Tourists.

Our first job in this strange land was to obtain our visa. Fortunately, because English is the official language of Ghana, the "Visa on Arrival" sign was easy to notice. It is when we were acquainted with the Ghanaian people's simultaneously calm and chaotic mindset.
We talked with three distinctive airport authorities, went to the counter, and every time told to sit. We had no idea about what was going on, but we chose to believe the system and hold up. After having our passports stamped and bypassing the long queues, we were able to enter Ghana lawfully. When you visit Accra, you will realise that it is one of the world's most relaxed capital cities. Adopt a similar mentality from the outset.
People will be late; it is not considered impolite. Things may take a little longer to digest than we are accustomed to, and public transportation does not follow a regular timetable. Shifting our mentality to match the natives aided us in settling in faster.

Religion is the Centre of Ghanaian Society.

Be prepared to encounter a distinct type of religion no matter where you go in Ghana. I wasn't expecting to find this element of Ghanaian culture intriguing as a non-religious person.
On our first day in Ghana, which was a Sunday, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. The majority of the stores, which were frequently given Bible-inspired names, were shuttered. Families clad in their finest white robes made their way to their place of worship. One mother, on her way with her husband and two small boys, greeted and welcomed us to the country.
The loudness, excitement, and adrenaline levels were palpable as We walked by churches. We could already see that religion is essential to Ghanaian life. It's an honour to see this personal moment of community bonding centred on a belief in a protective almighty force. This does not have to be a Christian God, since Muslims, Rastafarians, and adherents of indigenous African religions may all coexist happily.
According to one Gallup poll, Ghana is the most religious country on the planet. There's no getting around it. Religion has been a source of abuse of underprivileged people in Ghana, as well as a barrier to scientific advancement. We must be forthright about this. Even the most adamant atheist will find pleasure in the community bonds that religion fosters.

Visit Ghana's Tip: Embrace Simple Living

We were pleasantly delighted by the size and comfort of my living area, although we had to give up some of our usual pleasures. Our host and I laughed at my inability to obtain bagged water; we were quickly taught how to flush the toilet with a bucket; and my shower, too, was merely a bucket full of water. We didn't even have access to the internet.
Some people may be afraid of this circumstance, yet there is a primordial delight in plain life. Our internet and screen time are already excessive. We've rediscovered our passion for reading and writing. Rather than depending on Google Maps, we've learned to engage with locals.

Ghana Has a Diverse Geography.

Many people imagine Africa as a desolate wasteland. Granted, some of it is, but Ghana is a beautiful and fertile country. The Akuapem Hills are roughly an hour's drive north of Accra. While there, we did get a glimpse of the West African woods and mountains.
As the air-cooled and rain began to fall, it seemed like a refreshing change from the sweltering heat of Accra. It's still hot, but the air is cleaner.
On your first trip to Ghana, go elephant trekking in Mole National Park, wash your cares away at Wli Falls, or fly like a Tawny Eagle over West Africa's highest mountain. That's when you'll discover you're not in a parched desert, but in a flourishing tropical nation, with a colourful and energetic atmosphere to match the folks, you'll encounter.
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