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The 7 Best Reasons to Visit Lagos Nigeria

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If you just believe what you see or hear in the media about Nigeria and are hesitant to book cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria, you will lose out on an opportunity to see what the "Giant of Africa" is actually like. Lagos is without a doubt Nigeria's largest metropolis, with beautiful sites, interesting activities, great cuisine, and café culture. This city never sleeps, with a vibrant nightlife, a variety of natural monuments, local and foreign food, and a raucous and globally recognised entertainment scene.
A lot of visitors often acquire cheap tickets to Lagos Nigeria to have a flavour of this capital city. The bustle of Lagos, on the other hand, always draws people who enjoy 'luxury fused with tourism' to visit the city before leaving the nation. Lagos is a picturesque and unique Nigerian metropolis with a tropical atmosphere, beautiful sights, and mind-boggling activities.

If you've been to Nairobi, here are seven reasons to visit Lagos, Nigeria's port city known as "Africa in Microcosm."

Atmosphere: Relaxed and Calm

Many people neglect Nigeria while considering travelling in Africa, but they are mistaken. Nigeria is a vastly varied country endowed with tremendous natural resources, tourist sites, and warm weather.
There are several sights and cultural features that will take your breath away. Because most locations are untouristy, you may expect a genuine local experience. Warm and cold-water flows, for example, are highly recommended in Ikogosi, Ekiti state, in the country’s southwest.
Nigeria is a beautiful country full of magnificent natural beauties. Whether it's a mountain range, beach, tropical rainforest, city skyline, or desert, the local landscape will make butterflies dance wildly in your stomach. As a consequence, make sure your phone and camera have enough free space. It'll come in handy for photographing some of the most stunning views.
Lagos Beach is the perfect spot to get away from never-ending job problems, business meetings, family matters, and domestic duties. Enjoy excellent views of areas filled with peace and quiet while being treated to wonderful cuisine, gorgeous sights, and services. There are great locations to stay, such as 'lekki garden,' where you may enjoy the peaceful and quiet environment while also being absorbed in their gorgeous surroundings.

Passion and Love: Rekindled

Lagos is your best bet whether you're thinking of proposing to your loved one, renewing your wedding vows, or looking for a beautiful spot to spend your honeymoon; the city is truly charming. Enjoy a romantic meal with your beloved, a romantic excursion for two to a performance, or a romantic walk by the seashores with your lover. The city is the greatest place to keep the flame in your romance alive.

You Can Shop Until You Drop

On Lagos' busy maze of twisting alleyways, the blend of Arab, African, and European culture and architecture creates a magnificent sight. There are numerous places where you may acquire great goods for a fraction of the cost, such as jewellery, clothes, crafts, home décor, and souvenirs. Because they are made of beads and leather, Lagos sandals are well-known and beautiful.
The ordinary Nigerian was born with a sense of flair and originality, so you don't need to come too close to a catwalk to see this for yourself. These gifts, however, are also reflected in the Nigerian fashion sector, which is exploding throughout the world with its original designs. If you want to update the international part of your wardrobe with the latest African styles, you're in the right place.

The Vibrant Music Scene

Nigeria's music and entertainment sector are probably one of the most interesting aspects of the country. The number of musicians, both past and current, who continue to improve the country's global image through Afrobeat, Highlife, and Afropop music is limitless. You might be able to catch some of them in the clubs if you're lucky. Otherwise, you'll find yourself doing dancing movements to them that you didn't realise you possessed. You'll be fortunate in any case.

Africa's Biggest Street Party

Calabar Carnival, often known as "Africa's Biggest Street Party," takes place every year on December 1 in Nigeria. It is a famous tourist attraction for Nigerians as well as visitors from all over the world. The Calabar Carnival lasts a month and includes a variety of activities such as concerts, parades, fashion displays, beauty pageants, and other events. At the carnival, Akon, Nelly, Fat Joe, Juvenile, Jeezy, Lucky Dube, and Kirk Franklin have all performed.

Coastal luxury lodgings

Visitors may enjoy their holiday by staying in one of Lagos' coastal accommodations, which have large luxury beach resorts only steps from the beaches. The exquisite combination of sultan magnificence and Swahili simplicity will captivate you in Lagos' seaside districts. You may spend your vacation resting on the beach, surfing, sipping drinks by the pool, participating in water sports, or wandering along the beach. The seaside accommodations provide unrivalled facilities and services such as a swimming pool, a resort spa, luxury leisure, and exquisite dining.

Distinct and Unique Cuisine

Visiting Lagos will provide you with the opportunity to sample some of the most delectable cuisines you can imagine. In terms of cuisine variety, Nigeria is one of the finest African nations to visit. Banga and starch, ogbono-soup, pepper-soup, African salad (jakwu, abacha), ukwa, jollof-rice, porridge-yam, ewedu, egusi, and efo-riro are all popular local meals. The food represents a harmonious blend of Arab, European, and African cultures. If you appreciate sampling new meals, especially those from various cultures, you will enjoy a taste of the wonderful Lagos dishes. The meals have some really distinct spices and flavours that you will undoubtedly appreciate.
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