5 Best Places and Restaurants. Reasons To Visit Accra Again

5 Best Places and Restaurants. Reasons To Visit Accra Again

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Every travel enthusiast Brit yearning for adventures and thrills likes to book cheap flights to Accra Ghana since this luxurious capital city has much more to offer than most people realize.Accra, located in the west of the African continent and stretching along the Atlantic Ocean, is one of Ghana's largest, most diversified, and most often visited cities. Despite having the biggest population, Accra is the least impoverished city in Ghana. Visiting Accra is less about visiting prominent sights and more about immersing oneself in the city's rich culture and traditions. The hospitality of the Ghanaian people requires no introduction and may become one of the major reasons you return to Accra.

Accra, A city that never becomes bored while yet never becoming crazy. Without discrimination, the city accepts all lifestyles, conservative or lavish. Getting cheap airline tickets to Accra, Ghana, maybe troublesome unless you begin trying to find online flights at least a number of months before your trip. Accra is a city where culture and tradition are highly valued. With glistening beaches, ports, colonial buildings, museums, libraries, monuments, galleries, art, gastronomy, music, nightlife, and cultural and traditional textile markets, Ghana's capital exhibits the magnificence of a third-world country.Accra is distinguished by a blend of colonial heritage and refined architecture. Here is a list of the top Accra sites and restaurants to visit again.

Centre for National Culture (Arts centre)

It houses diverse arts and exhibitions and is located just adjacent to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. It features a theatre where dance groups and performers may perform. You may find a variety of fantastic stuff here, including exquisite African-style clothing, jewellery, neckpieces, and other contemporary items. There are various factors that will entice you to visit this region, and it should come as no surprise that it receives more visitors than most other tourist destinations in the country.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Because of the beautiful gardens, fountains, and flowerbeds, this venue is a great place to relax and unwind. The park was named after Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah, who fought for the country's independence. The man's and his wife's graves may be found in the park's centre. In this park, there is also a museum where the things of the previous president are housed and shown. The chronicles of his battle for freedom are also available to the public in this museum.

Buka Restaurant

Buka is now just a short distance from Osu's famed Oxford Street. BUKA Restaurant is one of Accra's greatest restaurants for fantastic and unforgettable food as well as lavish experiences. This magnificent restaurant is constructed with a stylish timber architectural style that gives it a truly African natural appearance. Those who have visited the restaurant previously will attest that you will be greeted warmly by an astonishingly pleasant assortment of waiters and waitresses as soon as you arrive.
You may pick from a large choice of African, European, and intercontinental meals to meet your taste, including Ghanaian, Togolese, Ivorian, and Nigerian dishes. Consider a meal of Jollof rice, Waakye, Banku, and Tilapia, Fufu with Groundnut soup, Yam and Kontomire Stew, TuoZaafi, or a hot steamy bowl of Eba with Egusi or Okra Stew if you want to venture beyond Ghanaian cuisine. A well-stocked bar and a large open-air grilling space are also available. Aside from restaurant services, Buka also provides contract and outside catering, which is currently seen as a key development and expansion sector.

La Chaumiere

Are you someone who has always been enamoured with French cuisine? You've come to the right place! You're in good hands with La Chaumiere. For more than a decade, Accra's discriminating diners have enjoyed La Chaumiere's enlightened French cuisine. For good measure, it serves meals like grouper with harissa and mint yoghurt, but the primary attraction is French cuisine, which includes everything from a crunchy niçoise salad to a deliciously thick and sticky onion soup au gratin. It is well-liked by visiting dignitaries.
Regardless of how competitive these restaurants have become, La Chaumière remains one of Accra's greatest and most upscale French eateries. With gentle romantic lighting, polished hardwood flooring, classical music, and delectable French fusion, it exudes old-school elegance. La Chaumière is known for its steaks, but there's also lots of seafood and the occasional North African flavor on the menu. If you want to Get Low Fares & Money Saving Tips while Travelling to Africa visit Reliance Travels and don’t forget to compare British Airways to Ghana prices.

Brasa Restaurant

BRASA is Accra's one-of-a-kind open grill concept. Brasa's cuisine scene is broad and amazing! Fine cuisine, innovative meals and desserts, juices, and more are available, making it ideal for special events, breakfast, or a night out. Their vibrant ambience adds a splash of colour to your eating experience. The open grill, the major feature, delivers fresh-from-the-fire skewers and fish among fresh veggies, inter-continental, speciality meals, and more. You'll be able to sit back and relax to classic lounge tunes while watching your food being freshly made on a coal-fired grill and enjoying robust African tastes.
Brasa chefs provide diversity and inspiration from all around the world, exhibiting new takes on time-honoured traditions. Expect nothing but the greatest grilled meats, seafood, unusual ingredients, fresh beverages and cocktails, and more. Your visit to Brasa will undoubtedly be memorable! Why not start arranging your next trip to Accra, Ghana for this incredible experience at BRASA?
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