5 Extraordinary Turkey Adventures You Must Try on Your Next Visit

5 Extraordinary Turkey Adventures You Must Try on Your Next Visit

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A complete trip of Turkey with London to Turkey British Airways, see the best of what Turkey has to offer. It'll be a journey through history, beaches, man-made wonders, and natural phenomena. Beginning in Istanbul, you'll visit old palaces and mosques before heading to Cappadocia's mystical environment. You'll discover Turkey's hidden gems and encounter its lively and hospitable culture, from the spectacular white cliff waterfalls of Pamuk kale to the busy bazaars and interesting ruins of the west.We want you to get the most out of your vacation to Turkey, so we've put together a list of some of the most exciting adventures to do in Turkey.


On the off-road mountain biking holiday, cycle between Goreme's "fairy chimneys" and experience the natural landscapes of Cappadocia. This stunning region of Turkey is ideal for touring by bicycle. You'll bike through the Ihlara Canyon on a fantastic single-track route, see the underground city of Derinkuyu, and see the colourful mediaeval market in Ürgüp. You'll be surrounded by one of the most bizarre sceneries on the globe the entire time. Book your flights to Istanbul and grab this mesmerizing opportunity to live the moment.


Travel The Unknown will take you on a unique trekking adventure through Turkey's far east to climb some of the country's most stunning peaks.The trail leads to the summits of Mount Süphan and Mount Ararat, as well as the crater rim of Lake Nemrut. You'll gain an insight into the lives of people who live in this corner of the world - and experience their wonderful warmth and kindness – as well as see some of Turkey's most magnificent scenery.


On this unique walking tour in Cappadocia with Exodus, put on your walking boots and prepare for one of the most unusual hiking experiences on the earth. The rock formations of Cappadocia, formed by the eruptions of three volcanoes - Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan, and Mount Melendiz – produce one of the world's most unusual landscapes. You'll travel to the farthest reaches of the country, meet the people who farm among the 'fairy chimneys,' and sample their produce at the vibrant local markets. You'll sleep in a luxurious cave room carved into the ancient formations at night, which is a real treat.


This walking tour over the Taurus Mountains with Ramblers allows you to tread in the footsteps of an Apostle. From Perge to Yalva, near Lake Egirdir, the St Paul Trail begins at sea level on the Mediterranean and climbs 2,200 metres to Turkey's hilly centre. The path begins at sea level on the Mediterranean coast and ascends to 2200 metres in Turkey's hilly interior. While exploring the mediaeval city of Selge, your local guide will bring the route to life as you walk through the dark forest and past unique rock formations. You'll follow the Kprl River and canyon's course, going through deep pools and rocky slopes, beautiful limestone mountains, and oak woodlands. You'll be able to gaze across Egirdir lake after exploring the Prostanna ruins.


Turkey isn't frequently thought of as a winter getaway. But, as you'll find on Evaneos' snowshoeing excursion in Anatolia, there's a whole world of wintry adventure waiting for you. The beautiful Aladaglar mountain range, home to the Taurus' tallest peaks, will be your playground. You'll visit its lakes, towering rock cliffs, deeply cut valleys, and canyons, all of which are blanketed in a stunning white blanket. Make a reservation for your tour RIGHT NOW! Because these adventures, as selected by our tour expert team, are a must-do. Subscribe to the Reliance Travel newsletter to learn about low-cost flights to Istanbul and if you are planning a trip to Africa then you must try our cheap flights to accra.

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