Here’s our 2022 line-up for the Best Places to Go!

Here’s our 2022 line-up for the Best Places to Go!

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Whether looking for cheap flights to Johannesburg or a unique way to celebrate Christmas, this was the year to get out there again—as immunizations became more widely available in the spring and borders gradually opened up during the summer and fall, our vacation calendars began to fill up once more. As we approach 2022, it's clear that our travel priorities have evolved. We're no longer checking destinations off a list; instead, we're considering why we're there and how our activities will impact the local communities.
These variations in perspective are mirrored in the question of Where to travel in 2022? The best destinations to visit from UK: We've categorized these cities based on some of our favorite reasons to travel, such as intriguing food and drink scenes and historical landmarks to uncover, to new areas to soak in the great outdoors, such as for our travel-obsessed brits to discover cheap flights from Heathrow to Johannesburg. We hope it helps you plan your next significant vacation and determine which of the six (06) intriguing sites on our 2022 list to see first

African Safari

This one is at the best of our list for a reason, and the taking after entries is not in any specific sequence.That's because, while the term "bucket list" is used about a lot in the travel business, African wildlife watching safari is a fantastic example of a Bucket List vacation that practically everyone would enjoy. Obviously, if you don't ski, golf, or love art, even the finest ski, golf, or museum vacation in the world isn't for you, but as someone who has travelled extensively and gone on African safaris in eight different countries, I can't fathom anyone not being blown away.You may have fantastic travels in Kenya, Tanzania, and elsewhere, but I think a combination of South Africa and Botswana is hard to better if you just have one chance.

Birmingham, Alabama

Downtown Birmingham is feeling more revived than ever, thanks to local chefs who have repurposed numerous historic buildings as eateries. Rob McDaniel, a five-time James Beard nominee who grew up 80 miles outside of town, launched Helen, a contemporary Southern grill in a 1920s shotgun-style structure, in 2020. From the sidewalk, you can smell his wood-fired meats, and every dinner begins with warm angel biscuits topped with whipped cane syrup butter. Southern-bred chef Victor King and pastry chef Kristen Hall have worked with farmers to provide vegetable-heavy cuisine, handmade plates of pasta, and the best sweets in town at The Essential (look for the duo's Parisian-inspired Bar La Fête in early 2022).


Many of Yugoslavia's component states (Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro) have developed as important tourism centres since the country's split 30 years ago. Serbia, on the other hand, has taken a back seat—until recently. Belgrade has established itself as a gastronomic destination, and the Michelin Guide will soon bestow stars on the city, recognizing its East-meets-West cuisine, which draws heavily from surrounding Greek, Turkish, and Central European influences. The nightlife-rich capital city is frequently likened to Berlin in the 1990s, but with the construction of a St. Regis in 2022, its cool-kid character will get a luxurious boost. The hotel will be housed in a 42-story structure, the highest building in the Balkans outside of Istanbul, and will serve as the centrepiece of the new $3 billion Belgrade Waterfront urban regeneration zone, which will include glittering high-rises and green spaces.

Trøndelag County, Norway

Trøndelag County in central Norway has recently become a world-renowned cuisine area. The varied geography of the area—forests, mountains, fjords, and fields—produces high-quality fish, organic dairy products, and fresh vegetables, which producers share locally and with restaurants all over the world.
Trondheim- Trøndelag has been designated the European Region of Gastronomy 2022, and foodies should start by dining at Michelin-starred Speilsalen, Norway's Restaurant of the Year 2020, in the newly restored Britannia Hotel. Scallops from the island of Frya are cooked in organic butter from the municipality of Rros and served with celery and caviar in head chef Christopher Davidsen's trademark dish. Chef Renée Fagerhoei's lamb from Madsy island with anchovy and green pepper sauce can be found at Bula Neobistro, while chef Thomas Bogan's waffles with porcini ice cream, Norwegian apples, and brown cheese can be found at Bula Neobistro—all delicacies you won't find anywhere else.

Balearic Islands, Spain

Travellers have long been lured to the sun-bleached coasts of the Balearic Islands by rugged scenery, a laid-back lifestyle, and Ibiza's iconic party culture. However, during the last year, the archipelago off the east coast of mainland Spain has shifted its attention to art.
The archipelago's new hotel options feature art and design as well. Can Ferrereta, a boutique hotel in Mallorca built in a renovated 17th-century structure, has a Maison Assouline-curated library as well as works by local and Spanish artists—Joan Miró, Riera I Aragó, Bárbara Vidal—in all of its 32 rooms and social areas. The freshly opened Casa Pacha on Formentera features Patricia Galden Studio's trendy vintage interiors and striking decorative artefacts from local artists. Meanwhile, the Six Senses Ibiza, the Balearics' first BREEAM-certified resort, will provide farm-to-table food, music, art, wellness, and sustainable fashion on the hard-partying isle. El Vicenç de la Mar and the Kimpton Hotel Santa Ponsa, both on the island of Mallorca, are set to make their debuts in 2022.

Cape Verde

When Portuguese sailors first arrived in 1456 on what is now Cape Verde, they discovered a mainly uninhabited archipelago with scant natural resources. This secluded collection of islands, located 369 nautical miles west of Senegal, quickly became a stopover for the transatlantic slave traffic, resulting in the island's unusual combination of Portuguese and West African traditions and heritage (many of the island's current population having ancestors in both). An annual Pride parade will be held in Mindelo, on the island of So Vicente, throughout the summer. This beautiful port city, which serves as Cape Verde's cultural centre, is a perfect spot to see performances of morna, a regionally honed, sad melody that symbolizes the desire for the African mainland, as well as the lively rhythms of accordion-based funaná. Listen to music from Mindelo's Porto Grande Bay's new Mansa Floating Hub, a futuristic-style floating music centre that debuted in August. So, now that you have nothing standing in your way of booking your next holiday, why not sign up for Reliance Travels' newsletter to receive fantastic offers and specials on cheap flights to Johannesburg, placing you first in line to learn how to book cheap flights from UK to anywhere?

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