When is the Ideal Timeto Visit Victoria Falls?

When is the Ideal Timeto Visit Victoria Falls?

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When arranging a vacation to Victoria Falls, take into account the cheap flights to Harare from London and how much of the surrounding area you want to see. Every year, more than one million tourists visit Victoria Falls, one of the world's seven wonders. There is an ideal time of year to visit Victoria Falls, depending on your interests.As a result of its moderate winters, hot summers, and excellent location spanning Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a terrific year-round vacation. It should come as no surprise that a visit to Victoria Falls is included on many of favourite tours.
Talking about seasons, summer lasts from October to April, and it can get fairly hot, reaching temperatures of over 30°C. The temperature drops to around 14°C in the evenings and at night. Summer rains wash through the area between November and March, and magnificent thunders may brighten up your afternoons.May to September/October is the winter season. The days are moderate, mostly dry, and sunny, with temperatures about 20°C during the day and as low as 5°C at night.


Summers are considerably hotter, and short afternoon thunderstorms frequently give place to spectacular sunsets. This is the time of year to get a tan at your poolside hotel and return home looking like a bronzed version of yourself. Long sunny days alternate with frigid nights, necessitating the use of thick clothing during the winter months. Swimming isn't suggested at this time of year unless you enjoy frigid water temps! Because the Zambezi River's waters are high in April, white water rafting is not generally possible. This activity, however, is subject to seasonal changes, so check with your Rhino Africa Consultant first. The Victoria Fall's dry winters typically result in limited vegetation, making game watching a joy. Wildlife is forced to concentrate around water sources, and vast herds of elephant and buffalo can often be seen straining for a drink along the water's edge.


Victoria Falls can be explored in as little as two days. If this is your strategy, you'll want to make the most of each hour of your visit. You can accomplish this by reserving cheap flights to Harare, securing lodging near the falls and participating in at least one or two tours.There are a variety of activities available surrounding the falls depending on the season you visit, which you can learn more about in this article. Arrive as early as possible if you only have two days. If you arrive later in the day, go directly to the falls for your first view and then settle into your hotel after a super meal.

You can venture beyond the Victoria Falls area if you have more time on your hands. There will be a wide range of guided tours, adventure activities, hikes, and safaris to choose from. The Flying Fox ziplining adventure, which takes place 410 feet (125 metres) above the valley floor and is ideal for this duration of vacation, is a suggested adrenaline-packed sport. Clipped into a harness hooked to a pulley, you'll float across the gorge on a cable.

Planning for a 10-day holiday to go on a safari in the surrounding places of Victoria falls. Hwange National Park has some of the greatest and closest safari opportunities. Start by exploring the falls for a few days, as described in the shorter itineraries above, and then spend the balance of your trip on an amazing safari excursion.Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's largest. We recommend staying here for at least 2-3 days and also consider top wildlife photography spots in South Africa. Over 100 mammalian species and 400 different avian species can be found in the park. Leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas are just a few of the wildlife you'll see here. The park is home to Africa's greatest population of African wild dogs. As to the yearly summer rains and continuous pleasant weather, the falls flow at their highest volume from February to May, so we recommend to plan your holiday accordingly. All set for Victoria falls, go grab your cheap flights to Harare from London at Reliance Travel NOW!Don’t forget to subscribe the newsletter for latest updates.

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