10 Reasons Lagos Is an Amazing Place to Visit during Holidays

10 Reasons Lagos Is an Amazing Place to Visit during Holidays

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Getting cheap tickets to Lagos, Nigeria may be simpler than you think; nevertheless, if you depend just on what you see or hear in the media about Nigeria, you may lose out on an opportunity to see what the "Giant of Africa" is truly like. There is never a boring moment in this city, which has a lively nightlife, an abundance of natural sights, local and foreign eateries, and a loud and worldwide famous entertainment scene.
It is well-known for being Nigeria's most costly city, but it also has a thriving art and music scene. With so many entertainment options and things to do, each experience is certain to be one-of-a-kind. Is it thus worthwhile to pay a visit to this city? Without a doubt! We recommend that you begin organizing your vacation and look for cheap direct flights to Nigeria. Following that, here are some of the top reasons to visit Lagos, Nigeria's vibrant capital.

A Getaway Is Never Far Away!

Nigeria was blessed by nature. Because of its geographical position, retreating from ordinary life into "bliss" is one of the simplest things to accomplish in the nation. Because of the country's diverse terrain, this is nearly true in every location. The views and sounds of nature in all of its expressions will mesmerize you, from backyards to resorts in states like Plateau, Cross Rivers, Lagos, and Ogun.

Lovely Beaches

Lagos is surrounded by water on all sides. Beaches are just stunning! In these lovely sandy places, picnics and beach activities are acceptable. With their powdered white dunes, gorgeous blue ocean, and palm palms, they are incredibly appealing. The best advantage is that they are rarely crowded, save on weekends and holidays. Two of the most popular beaches are Eleko Beach and Tarkwa Beach. If you enjoy spending time in the sun while listening to the waves, these beaches are worth a visit.

Coastal luxury Accommodations

Visitors may make the most of their vacation by staying in one of Lagos' coastal hotels, which include large luxury beach resorts only steps from the beach. In Lagos' beachfront districts, you'll be captivated by the magnificent blend of sultan grandeur and Swahili simplicity. You might spend your holiday relaxing on the beach, surfing, enjoying cocktails by the pool, partaking in water sports, or simply strolling along the beach. The beachfront resorts provide unrivalled amenities and services, including a swimming pool, a resort spa, upscale leisure, and outstanding cuisine.

Reignite Your love

Lagos is your best choice whether you're thinking of proposing to your lover, renewing your wedding vows, or looking for a fantastic site for your honeymoon; the city is timeless charming. Enjoy a romantic dinner with your sweetheart, a romantic musical outing for two, or a romantic stroll along the beach with your companion. The city is the ideal setting for reigniting the passion in your relationship.


This is essentially a birthday party in honour of the late Afrobeat singer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, taking held in Lagos' New Afrika Shrine. The history of the occasion, as well as the essential characteristics of the melodic concert, make it a huge occasion.Every year, for one week in October, Nigerians celebrate the birthday of their favourite musician in full force. As you may know, Fela was highly popular, therefore this event is quite the rave. All of the exciting activities will undoubtedly keep you occupied.

Keep up with the latest Tech!

Nigeria can keep up with the modern world thanks to many sectors, two seaports, and an international airport. The Lagos Computer Village and Alaba International Market house Africa's largest technology market. So, for those of your tech-savvy individuals out there, Lagos is an excellent location for all of your technological requirements. Not only are the most recent models accessible, but they are also reasonably priced. Along with them, certain difficult-to-find devices are also readily available. This is incentive enough for a computer enthusiast like us to visit Lagos.

Lively Night-Life

Lagos boasts the most exciting nightlife in Nigeria. There are various events and parties to attend, and if you're not into that, you can soak in the bustling ambience and perhaps drink a cold beer at a local pub or nice wine at one of the many luxury venues around. Overall, there is something in Lagos for everyone.

Street Food & Unique Cuisine

Are you a gourmet who enjoys experimenting with new traditional dishes? Then stop by one of these food vendors to satiate your appetite. You won't be able to get these street snacks anywhere else since they are so unique and delicious. Suya, or grilled beef, is the most popular dish, and it can be found in almost every neighbourhood. There are plenty of additional dishes to sample, like Agege bread, which Lagosians say is superior to burgers. Lagos, in general, does not provide bland food. The Lagos food festival honours Nigerian cuisine's uniqueness and is definitely worth a visit to try the numerous unusual and delicious dishes on offer.

Shopping Bliss

Lagos is home to around 21 million people. Because all of these people come from varied economic backgrounds, consumer and industrial products are in high demand. If you want to buy something, trust me when I say you'll be able to get a good bargain. Lagos is the place to go if you want to sell anything. On Lagos' busy network of serpentine lanes, the blend of Arab, African, and European culture and architecture creates a fascinating spectacle. There are various places where you may find fantastic products such as jewellery, clothes, crafts, home décor, and souvenirs for significantly reduced costs. Lagos sandals are well-known and beautiful, thanks to their bead and leather construction.

Terra Kulture

This is essentially a globally recognized art house that houses Nigeria's modern visual and theatre arts. It is one of Nigeria's two auction houses. It houses almost 2,000 works of art from throughout the country. Aside from the art gallery, it also has a café, a crafts shop, a language school, and a library. Annual events, such as an art auction and the Taruwa Festival of Performing Arts, take place mostly in January.
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