A Guide to Christmas in Africa

A Guide to Christmas in Africa

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Christmas is approaching fast. If you want to experience a new innovative approach to cherish this delightful occasion, it's time to get your cheap tickets to Lagos, Nigeria.Despite the fact that many African countries celebrate Christmas in the summer, when there is plenty of sunshine and colourful flowers in bloom, the essence of the season remains the same. Reuniting families is a common rite practised in all African countries.South Africans celebrate Christmas in a somewhat different way than people in other areas of the world, but the celebrations and festive spirit are the same. In a nutshell, Christmas in South Africa is about being outside, eating good food, and spending time with friends and family.
Before you book your cheap flights to Lagos, you must take a look at the 7 best reasons to Visit Lagos Nigeriahere is our guide to the festive season – South African way – for those enjoying their first Christmas in South Africa.

Things to Know Before Going South Africa for Christmas!

1) Christmas is observed on December 25th in South Africa.
2) South Africa is a multicultural country with eleven different languages and faiths. In South Africa, Christianity is the most common religion, with Protestantism being the most common denomination. Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism are non-Christian religions in the nation.
3) Because South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is celebrated throughout the summer. We don't have a white Christmas, because it only snows very seldom in South Africa.
4) Because the Christmas season falls during the summer, students will get a month off before the start of the new school year. In contrast to western nations, our school year begins in January.
5) Christmas feasts in South Africa differ from family to family. There is no set Christmas food, however, Malva Pudding from South Africa is a favourite dessert.
6) Roasted turkey, duck, or beef are the most common meats offered on Christmas Day.
7) A braai (South African BBQ), which is an important social ritual in South Africa, is a beloved holiday tradition.
8) Bakers Choice Assorted Rolls could be a Christmas top choice. In case you're going to family or friends during the Christmas season, this can be an awesome present.
9) On Christmas Eve, many South Africans attend a "carols by candlelight" church service (24 December).
10) Most Christians attend church services on Christmas Day (December 25), followed by the opening of Christmas presents at home.
11) Instead of Christmas Eve, Christmas supper is served on Christmas Day.
12) In South Africa, Christmas Day is spent relaxing with family and friends.
13) As a result of colonialism, many various nations' traditions are incorporated into South African Christmas festivities.

A Christmas in South Africa During the Summer!

One significant difference is that Christmas falls in the midst of summer in South Africa. Flowers are in blossom, the sun is beaming, and everything is alive. All of that liveliness is brought to life by the celebratory atmosphere of the people. The decorations, markets, carolers, and Christmas supper (which is more of an outdoor meal in South Africa) help you get into the Christmas vibe.

Empty Schools & Shops

Preparations for the annual Christmas celebration begin months in advance, just as they do everywhere else in the world. There will be no one in the classrooms. Shops and companies also put up signs announcing that they are closed for the holidays on their doors. Several businesses, in fact, close their doors for the entire month of December.

South African Outdoor Christmas Activities

South Africa has a strong fondness for outdoor sports, so it's no wonder that thousands of tourists visit Kruger National Park over the holiday season. Because there is no snow in South Africa during Christmas, locals can only dream of a white Christmas. In exchange, the delight of the season is represented by the various variety of cultivated and wildflowers in full bloom.
Christmas Eve


Explore the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden between the 12th and 15th of December, when they host an annual candlelight carolling event for the holiday season. This Christmas custom has been going on for nearly 30 years and is one of the most popular in Cape Town. While the live performance is going on, there are plenty of activities to do on the streets, which are brightly lit with glowsticks rather than candles. Make sure to purchase your tickets for this event as soon as possible because it attracts over 20,000 attendees each year.


Cape Town is decked out with Christmas lights, wonderful cuisine, and gifts every December. During the Festival of Lights, many live music performances begin in the afternoon down Adderley Street, and booths line the streets throughout the day selling anything from the wonderful food and drink to homemade Christmas gifts.


Rather than dreading the prospect of being herded through massive retail malls in search of Christmas gifts, visit one of Cape Town's beautiful pop-up Christmas markets. You'll enjoy the delicious food, drink, and festive atmosphere while shopping for one-of-a-kind, handmade presents. Cape Gift Market at Sea Point City Hall, Stellenbosch Kersmark, Lourensford Christmas Market, and Pinelands Craft and Gift Fair are among the most prominent Christmas markets.


If you're seeking a unique dining experience over the holidays in South Africa, check out the many wine estates that are throwing special Christmas lunches and dinners around the nation. Our personal favourite is Grande Provence, where you can get into the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve before feasting on a wonderful meal. The Restaurant at Grande Provence delivers a stunning six-course holiday feast on Christmas Day. The festive menu offers an exciting selection of meals that will satisfy every gourmet need from Christmas Eve supper through Christmas Day.


Many people use pine branches to adorn their homes. In most homes, there is a Christmas tree in the corner, replete with gifts for the kids. Christmas Day is a day of wonderful dining for native Africans, as well as a lively exchange and appreciation of presents. Plum pudding, mince pies, vegetables, turkey, yellow rice, roast meat, and other seasonal delicacies give the party a genuine feel. The event is a week of singing, dancing, and eating, similar to a carnival. English-speaking youngsters stuff their stockings with treats for Father Christmas to fill.
Children and people dressed as angels in the countryside outside Bethlehem move from home to house singing on Christmas Day. They attend a religious service either in their traditional clothing or Western garb. A feast of rice and yam paste (fufu) is served later, along with stew or okra soup, cereal, and meats. Families eat together or with their close neighbours, and presents are exchanged.
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